Stress management: Confusing motion with action

November 25th, 2021

There’s lots of ways we can choose to deal with stress and there are lots of products in the market to help you.



Head Massage


These and many more are what can be termed as outsourced soothers. Those remedies that don’t actually cure but they alleviate the symptoms for a time. Outsourced because someone else does them to us thus removing all responsibility from us.

Then there’s the self soothers such as a spa day, a flotation pod, listening to music or a walk in the countryside, a drink with friends... or alone.

Then there are the things we can buy that show we are both stressed and dealing with it.

Fiddle toys

Stress balls

Copper Bracelets 



And tech

There’s lots of tech out there. Some of it has been especially designed for the job it does. Others appear to use the “if it looks modern, shiny, good on my wrist  and it connects to my phone then it must be good” methodology (or sales pitch).

Even the tech that looks like it is really smart may have been designed from a particular perspective. Would you want an app that was designed by an app designer who sees the growing awareness of mental health and wellbeing as a great market opportunity or one designed by someone who is qualified, experienced and lives their work?

The apps market is the current battleground for our attention...literally. Estimates say there are between 10000-20000 mental health apps on the market. They range from little apps that just ask you to rate yourself each day for awareness to the big brothers of Headspace & Calm that imply all you need to do is meditate. In the specialist corner there are apps that deliver CBT for depression and anxiety but you need to know what you have right?

Motion Action and the Placebo Effect

All of the solutions mentioned above, and others, can be accused of confusing motion with action. In other words, taking action, whatever that may be, makes me feel like I am doing some good. A clear placebo effect in action.

Maybe it would be a better starting place to understand what may be causing the stress in the first place. Is it external pressure from an unsupportive boss, my imposter syndrome or perhaps my low self esteem. Maybe it’s my negative thought cycles or some unprocessed childhood trauma. 

This desire to find out the root cause first is not very helpful to the person trying to sell you a meditation app but it may help you develop the road map you need to follow to move your personal development journey on better.

A Different Way

Welcome to My Internal World where we start with the map. To get an idea of how we help you understand yourself try our complimentary assessment and personalised report on your relationship with uncertainty here.

Here we use tech as an enabler. It’s not the solution but it can deliver knowledge, processes and exercises to you efficiently and in a safe and private environment. The reality, of course, is always that the only person who can effect the change that needs to happen is you. We don't just soothe and we do not outsource fact we give it back to you.


Note: if you are that wonderful breed called “a supportive boss” and are interested in helping your employees be happy and healthy at work you can provide this for them and get your own organisational road map from the anonymous data. If you would like to know more about that click here.