Free access to My Internal World until 30th September

March 24th, 2020

In the world of social media marketing and grabbing people's attention it is easy to get cynical and hardened to any message from someone who says they are giving something away. More to the point, it is easy to question what their agenda is and what the catch is.

Here at My Internal World we have spent the last 2 years working on our emotional development support hub and we are proud of it.

When we set up this company the first item on our list of what we wanted to achieve was to help people. That has not changed, but in light of current events it has been brought into even greater focus.

This is why, until 30th September 2020, we are taking the paywall down. No tricks, no conditions, just great emotional health assessment and strategies available to anyone who needs them.

That's it.

So get in there, set up your account and take advantage of a full emotional health assessment every 28 days.

Watch 40 different animations across 8 different pathways and work on any of the 7 key areas of your emotional health, all of which are being challenged at this time.

Get your personalised assessment and in-depth report now and start working on your emotional strength.

Free until 30th September. No catch.

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Finally, to the many early adopters who have already signed up and are paying us subscriptions do not worry. We will look after you and make sure that you benefit from this as well.